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Crown leadership


Ruia – Reviewing your school–whānau partnerships

This interactive tool is part of the Ruia School–Whānau Partnership resource. It will help school leaders to examine their partnerships with whānau.

Ka Hikitia case studies

This series of case studies tells the stories of five schools that have engaged in making a difference for their Māori students. It includes 32 videos, key focus points, and questions. The case studies are intended as a conversation starter for teachers, whānau, boards of trustees, principals and parents.

Ka Hikitia – Accelerating Success 2013–2017

Ka Hikitia is a strategy to guide actions that will make a significant difference for Māori students in education for these five years and beyond. We know Māori students do much better when education reflects and values their identity, language and culture. This is a central focus within Ka Hikitia – Accelerating Success 2013–2017.

Ka Hikitia case studies

These videos feature interviews with principals and staff of four schools and provide examples of the Ka Hikitia principles in action. They can be used for individual study or group discussion.

Ako Panuku

Ako Panuku provided Māori secondary/kura teachers with professional learning that exemplified best teaching practice, and promoted career development, while creating involvement in a community of practice.
Ako Panuku web presence was developed to support and build on the expertise and professionalism of Māori teachers, and contains many Māori themed resources for English medium schools.

Archives New Zealand – Treaty of Waitangi

Archives New Zealand holds the archives of New Zealand government, including the Treaty of Waitangi.

This is a Ministry of Education initiative

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